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The ideas about the intermittent rapid loss of weight challenge most of the previous beliefs on this subject. Those who want new ways to lose weight quickly embraced their ideas effectively. However, fasting is not as easy as it sounds.
There are several nuances to it that can spell the difference between a successful fast and a failed attempt. Even the tiniest tweaks to your fasting plan can enhance or diminish the benefits that you could get from a fast.

This book aims to guide in discovering the best fasting method for you, as well as ease you into the process of abstaining from food in a healthy manner. Fasting can be quite challenging, but with commitment and discipline, you can be sure that the rewards would be great.

Definitive and Complete
Guide to Fasting

Everything You Need to Know About Being Successful at Fasting


This book contains all the essential information you need to know about fasting.
Simply put, fasting means not eating any food for a given period. It appears like anybody could do it on their own without having to refer to medical experts or even a guidebook. Intermittent fasting losing weight is among the most efficient ways to shed additional pounds.

In this book, you will learn about

• whether or not you can benefit from fasting.
• the positive effects of fasting on your health.
• the highlights of the history of fasting.
• the right fasting method for you.
• what to expect once you have begun fasting.
• the factors that affect the weight loss effects of fasting.
• the proper way to track your progress while fasting.
• the methods to ward off the potential negative effects of fasting.
• an effective and detailed kick-start fasting plan.
• recipes of suggested dishes that you can eat while fasting.
• examples of simple exercises that you can do to enhance the positive effects of fasting on your health.

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